Six of Swords

6 of Swords

Keywords for the Six of Swords


We see before us three travelers undertaking a journey at dawn. A mother and her child sit in the front of the boat, along with six swords standing upright, sustained by their sharp points piercing the bottom of the boat.

Having escaped in the darkest hour of the night, they now allow themselves to be guided from turbulence into calmer waters. 

The pain of the past is present, but not pressing. They are conscious of their grief, but take refuge in knowing that the worst is over now. The waters behind them are clearly disturbed, but the path ahead of them is all smooth sailing.

6 of Swords Interpretation

When the 6 of Swords comes up in a tarot reading, it often refers to a situation in which we are leaving certain sorrows behind us. 

We may have recently had a breakup, or left behind certain difficult family dynamics at home. We might be ending a painful relationship or friendship that ultimately was causing us more harm than good. 

This card indicates that we have now taken an important step forward towards a healthier and happier new future.

Although we may still carry with us a certain amount of sadness from our past experiences (as symbolized by the 6 upright swords on the boat), we know we can now trust that the worst is over.

We may still be sitting with our tears, and this process of grieving could well continue for some time. But there is a part of us which is at peace, for we know that we are moving forward towards a better future. 

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