I’ve been reading tarot and practicing astrology for over 10 years now. I originally was drawn to the tarot because of the symbolic imagery and the archetypal ideas they represented. I started doing readings purely by chance (or perhaps fate) when a friend in crisis persuaded me to try interpreting a short layout for her. A natural skeptic, I was more than a bit surprised to discover how accurate the cards were in describing situations and potential outcomes.

During the 10 years since then, I’ve been deeply involved in studying topics including tarot, astrology, magic, alchemy, ritual, mythology, folklore and fairytales, psychology, dreams, and symbolism. At the same time, I completed an M.A. degree in Rhetoric & Composition, where I focused on epistemology, semiotics, and the philosophy of language.

All of these studies have helped me to hone my craft and become a better tarot reader and astrologer. I feel that narrative and language is at the core of the work I do. This work involves examining the symbols currently present (whether in the cards or in a chart) and creating a coherent story that helps give meaning to the situations encountered by the people I work with.

Now I’m excited to be using these skills in service of healing and helping others find the clarity and insight they need. In addition to this, I devote the rest of my time to writing and sharing my experiences exploring the limits of mind and magic here on my website. You can also follow me on instagram at @therhetoricofmagic.

I am a poet, a seeker, and a confessor, obligated to truth and sincerity. I have a charge, albeit small and confined: to help other seekers to understand and to cope with the world, if only by assuring them that they are not alone.” —Hermann Hesse

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