Seven of Swords

7 of Swords

Keywords for the Seven of Swords 


Looking at the image on the car we are taken into a scene of a lone man at a campsite, with many tents in the background to the right.

On the left, we see a great cloud of smoke along with a crowd of people gathered around what appears to be a campfire. 

While everyone is away from the scene, a man appears in the foreground carrying away five out of the seven swords. These had been placed standing in the ground, left behind while their owners were busy with their evening meal. 

The man who now possesses five of Seven Swords is tiptoeing away quietly.

This is not an accidental injury, but premeditated theft. He is well aware that what he is doing is wrong, but that doesn’t stop him. 

In fact, the man even seems to take a perverse pleasure in his misdeeds, as evidenced by the slight smirk on his face at the moment of the crime.

7 of Swords Interpretation

When this card comes up in a tarot reading, it often asks us to pay very close attention to the situation at hand. It can indicate that we’re being lied to, cheated or fooled. 

There may be something about our situation that is not what it seems, and we would be wise to inquire further before proceeding. 

However, this card does not only come up when we are the victim of a betrayal or theft. 

There are times when this card seems to call us out, asking to take a look at our own behavior. It wants us to consider if we are truly being ethical or fair in a given situation. Are we acting in ways that are dishonorable, or that go against what we know to be right?

If so, the Seven of Swords asked us to reconsider and perhaps change our course of action. It may be momentarily satisfying to try to get the upper hand, however, in the long run, this way of interacting with the world is ultimately damaging to ourselves. 

The consequences of unethical or manipulative behavior, such as that seen in the 7 of Swords, often diminishes what we would consider to be in our own best interest in the long term.

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