Knight of Wands | Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

Keywords for the Knight of Wands


In this card, we see an arid desert landscape stretch before us in the background. The only thing visible to us is a vast expanse of dry sand and finally, three imposing pyramids to our left.

Directly in front of us, we see an attractive, brightly dressed young man. In his right hand, he holds a wand, although it seems it does not extend any further than what we can see. 

In his left hand are the reins to his handsome and noble brown steed. His horse is clearly excited and chomping at the bit, eager to move into action at the slightest command from his rider.

The Knight of Wands also wears a shining suit of armor and helmet decorated with extravagant orange feathers, although they are so vibrant and fluid they could almost be tongues of flame rising up from the shining  metal.

His yellow tunic is covered in salamanders (which, in contrast to the other court cards of the suit of Wands, do not manage to reach their tail in a complete circle). Like the feathers, this garment also possesses a flowing, fiery quality that alludes to the intensely alive energy exhibited by the Knight of Wands.

Interpretation of the Knight of Wands

Like all of the court cards, this can represent someone in our outer environment that shows the same qualities and characteristics of the Knight of Wands. Alternatively, in some instances it can also refer to how we ourselves are showing up in a given situation.

The Knight of Wands will likely refer to a person who is easily excitable, has a passion for action, and may even have a tendency to jump headlong into things before thinking them through.

This Knight tends to be courageous, confident and bold. While his intense and passionate nature are often part of his charm, he can also be quick to anger. You might find him overreacting at some minor perceived slight against his reputation. 

He can even be irritable or aggressive when he feels he is not being treated with the respect he believes he deserves.

This Knight’s daring and adventurous nature have the potential to bring him success and acclaim. He is more than willing to rush off to battle to defend a cause he believes in.

However, due to his easily excitable nature, he has a tendency to get distracted by another, equally appealing challenge, which can mean that he sometimes fails to follow through on what he begins. This Knight, indeed, is known for starting more than he can finish.

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