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8 of Pentacles

Keywords for the Eight of Pentacles 


In the image on this card, we enter the workshop of a master craftsman and find him lost in his work. The late afternoon sun shines through the open door, providing the illumination this man requires to see what needs to be done and carry him through its completion.

All is quiet, the only sound we hear coming from the almost musical rhythm of the hammer and chisel as they strike the surface of the pentacle at his hand. The rhythmic sound and motion seem to have entranced the man into what can almost be considered an altered state of consciousness. 

He is in a deep flow state where the outside world seems to recede, and he becomes one with the object of his creation.

In the background to our left, the city is visible: it serves as a reminder both of his separation from the outer concerns of social life, as well as the ultimate purpose his labor serves of adding to his community.

Interpretation for the 8 of Pentacles in a Reading

When the 8 of Pentacles card comes up in a tarot reading, it often signifies a time of focused attention and hard work. 

This card will often indicate an area of our lives where disciplined attention and action is required. It tends to show where we would be well advised to dedicate our efforts in order to create more effective change in the desired areas of our lives.

However, unlike the Ten of Wands, this card does not indicate the kind of work which is experienced as a source of difficulty, or which weighs on us as the heavy burden of duty. Rather, the 8 of Pentacles indicates the kind of focused work in which we are enthralled in our task and capable of enjoying the process of creation.

It is not the drudgery of forced labor we saw in the Ten of Wands, but instead a labor of love which brings out the best in us. It is the kind of work which feels almost like play, which draws on the deepest well of our creative resources and truly brings out the best of what we have to offer.

When this card comes up in the context of love and romance, it often seeks to counsel us to take some time apart from these concerns in order to work on ourselves. It often appears when the querent has just gotten out of a relationship and is seeking guidance on how to proceed.

The 8 of Pentacle advises to get in touch with ourselves: we should get to know our true needs, preferences, likes and dislikes, as well as our habits, patterns and even defense mechanisms in relationships.

This card advises us to work on our own issues within the safe container of solitude before going back out to seek the company of others. We will typically find that if we do so, we end up better prepared to find a healthier, happier relationship than we might have been otherwise.

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