The Sun | Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

The Sun

Keywords for The Sun 


In the image on this card, we see a gloriously radiant sun shining out at us from the sky. We recognize this as what is known as a “spiritual sun” by the distinctly human countenance which gazes back at us from its corner of the heavens. 

This means this Sun is a reference not only to the physical expression of our local star which generates light and heat for all that lives on our planet Earth; this rendering of the sun seeks to convey the idea that our Sun is also a living center of consciousness, much as we are. 

In fact, our own awareness actually has its source in the physical and spiritual energy of the Sun. Indeed, everything on earth is generated and sustained by solar energy. From the life and heat of a fire, to the movement of our cars driven by fossil fuels, to our very own lives – all are rooted in conversions of what once was solar energy.

Underneath the watchful eyes of this great Sun, we catch sight of a white horse galloping gracefully out from inside a walled garden. Seated astride this noble animal, we see a cheerful child, a wide smile on his face. He wears only a wreath of yellow sunflowers, with one red feather tucked as ornament into this crown.

Arms outstretched, this divine child carries a red banner as his standard. Like the feather in his crown, the red color of his flag represents the powerful emotional energy of our desires. It is the vital life force energy which can be aroused within us during this stage of our development, an energy which gives us the fuel required to propel us forward on our journey toward enlightenment. 

Interpretation of the Sun in a Reading

When the Sun comes up in a reading, it often refers to feeling positive emotions such as happiness, optimism and joy. 

If we have recently experienced difficulties or restrictions in our past, this card can also indicate liberation from these restraints, and an overall sense of greater freedom and expansion in our lives. It can also indicate a corresponding influx of new energy, vitality and excitement about what life has to offer.

In readings, this card can also speak to the capacity for achieving greater clarity and insight in an area where our judgment may have previously been obscured. In questions related to spirituality or faith, it can also indicate an expansion of awareness or even the experience of enlightenment.

Alternatively, the appearance of the Sun card in a reading can also refer to success, to brilliant accomplishment and personal glory. When blessed by this card, we may experience ourselves as being radiantly beautiful, with the power to shine so brightly that all eyes are drawn toward us. With the Sun involved, we will likely feel confident, powerful, vibrant and free in how we relate to the world around us.