Nine of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles

Keywords for the Nine of Pentacles


In the image on the card, we see an enclosed garden bathed in the warm light of late afternoon. The walls of the garden are covered in lush vines carrying ripe purple grapes, and beneath them sprout nine luscious, ripe Pentacles.

In front of this richly verdant wall stands an elegantly dressed woman. Her sophistication and refinement are immediately apparent, not due only to her elegant attire, but the proud and noble way in which she carries herself, as well. 

Standing with her head held high, she is clearly a woman of the highest sophistication, someone who has devoted many hours of intense discipline to her own cultivation and refinement. 

Due to her discipline and self-reliance, she has become someone who commands respect, who exudes nobility through her unwavering demonstration of self-worth and sovereignty.

9 of Pentacles Interpretation

When the 9 of Pentacles comes up in a reading, it will often indicate success, abundance and wealth. It frequently refers to qualities of refinement, sophistication and good taste. It often also signals the enjoyment of luxury and the finer things which life has to offer.

In addition to these more obvious meanings, the 9 of Pentacles may also refer to the qualities of discipline, restraint and self-reliance. 

The woman in this card has earned all of the abundance she now enjoys through her own efforts. This was only possible due to her deep commitment to excellence, her capacity for self-control and her ability to make what are at times difficult choices in pursuit of her own growth and development.

The falcon on the woman’s arm is an apt symbol for the qualities she has cultivated and developed within herself. As a bird of prey, it indicates an ability to be relentlessly focused, to maintain a higher vision and be willing to follow through with ruthless determination to the very end. 

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