XVII. The Star

The Star

Keywords for the Star 


In the image on the card, we are drawn into a beautiful and serene early morning. The air feels fresh. You hear the song of birds in the distance as the soft light begins to grow and give light to the earth. 

After the difficult night which we experienced in the previous card, the Tower, we see that it is now the dawn of a new day. We see the morning star, Venus, shine brilliantly in the sky. 

Before us stands a woman who bears much resemblance to this Queen of Heaven. Holding two jars of water, she pours one of these into the pool of water. This represents our subconsciousness, as it contains water that flows directly from the gown of the High Priestess in Key 2. 

With her other hand, she pours the water onto the land. From there it divides into five separate streams, indicating each of our five senses from which we gain knowledge of the physical world. As a result, this water poured onto earth signifies our conscious awareness.

It is important to note that even the water directed outward consciously to the earth eventually flows back into the subconsciousness of the pool once more. 

This is to suggest that even our outer sensory experience is ultimately rooted in the inner; everything experienced in the outer world will ultimately return to this part of our psyches we call subconsciousness.

Interpretation of The Star in a Reading

When the Star comes up in a reading, it often signifies our awakening to new hope in our lives. This can sometimes come after challenging circumstances such as that shown in the Tower. After such an experience, we may feel that something inside of us has been liberated from bondage. We may then experience the peace and calm that comes with such freedom.

As a result, this card can often indicate relief from struggles, along with a calm respite after a difficult storm. Our burdens have been lifted, and we feel renewed and refreshed by the changes in circumstances.

The Star in a reading often refers to a renewed sense of optimism and hope for our future. More generally, this card often speaks to a sense of inner peace, relaxation and calm. This card is also associated with meditation, and the clarity of mind which one can achieve through stillness and spiritual practice. 

Above all, when the Star appears, we can feel free to trust that the worst is over. We can pause for a moment and rest in our faith that better times are now coming up for us just on the horizon.