Eight of Wands| Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

Keywords for the Eight of Wands


In the background, we see a small city which stands atop a hill. Underneath, a river flows quickly on its way to meet the sea. 

Above it all, we see eight wands caught in flight as they move across the sky. They are like arrows which have just left a firmly pulled bow. 

It is now only a matter of moments before they arrive to strike their intended target. 

The fast-moving energy of the suit of Wands is on display here: pure action, essential movement, it is the quintessence of the element of Fire. 

Interpretation of the 8 of Wands in a Reading

When we see the Eight of Wands come up in a reading, we know that the time is right to take a chance and move forward into action. The time for waiting has passed; be brave and take a leap into the future that awaits you.

The 8 of Wands can signify quick action, forward movement, rushing forward full speed ahead. 

It can also signify the appearance of an unexpected surprise, novel developments in a once-stagnant situation, and the intrusion of the unforeseen or unexpected into our lives.

Alternatively, the Eight of Wands can signify the results of such action: it can allude to the end of an era, or the last burst of effort taken to complete and close out a long standing project.

Whatever the case may be, we can trust that when the 8 of Wands appears, we cannot remain “stuck” for much longer—something is sure to push us out of our comfort zone, propelling us forward into new situations and circumstances that will ultimately change our lives in a new and exciting way.