Three of Pentacles

3 of Pentacles

Keywords for the Three of Pentacles 


In the image on the card, we see three people standing in front of a gray stone church that is under construction. 

On our left is a craftsman, who stands on a bench, pointing in the direction of the work which is to be done on the cathedral in front of them. 

In the middle of the trio we see someone who appears to be a friar or other church official. He gazes intently up at the master builder as he attempts to understand what is being asked of him.

Finally, on the far right of the trio we see a man dressed in the most unusual yellow cape patterned with large red circles over its surface. 

His attire is reminiscent of a court jester’s colorful costume, which is itself an allusion to the first card of the Major Arcana, the Fool. And oddly enough, it is he who holds the blueprint for the structure which all three are working together to create and bring into manifestation. 

The character of the fool likely represents what is known to us as superconsciousness, or our Higher Selves. It is this Higher Self which is most directly connected to what we think of as God or the universal source. It is in fact the superconscious part of our being which holds the plans for what we will manifest as our lived experience. 

The friar may be seen as representing the conscious mind, which decides what values are important and selects the day-to-day goals which will be pursued. The craftsman, on the other hand, represents the body and the subconscious mind which is responsible for the actual work of building the physical body and what we experience through our senses.

This is meant as a reminder that the ego, or conscious mind, is not truly the one in control. The rational, egoic self does not chart the course, but instead observes with discernment and provides direction for how we may go about arriving at our ultimate destination. 

3 of Pentacles Interpretation

When the 3 of Pentacles comes up in a tarot reading, it often speaks to a situation in our lives where we are being called on to work together.

This card may signal that we are being encouraged to put aside our differences in order to work towards achieving a common goal. It means valuing the unique contribution that each person brings to the table, acknowledging our differences while also staying mindful of our shared values and dreams held in common.

The 3 of Pentacles often comes up in readings regarding work or career. In this context, it typically indicates an area where teamwork and cooperation are required.

In readings on love and romance, this card often comes up when we find ourselves in a relationship where we have decided upon a common goal, and are working together as a unit to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. 

It also speaks to maturity in love and relationships, one where healthy compromise is a priority. It may refer to a relationship where both partners consider themselves to truly be a team, where there is an understanding that meeting the needs of the other is beneficial to the self, and striving to do so whenever possible.