Ten of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles

Keywords for the Ten of Pentacles


In the image on this card, we come upon a scene in the life of an obviously wealthy family. Inside of a richly decorated interior, we see seated to our left an older man, the patriarch or head of the household. He is dressed in intricately embroidered robes covered in images of ripe purple grapes on the vine, a detail reminiscent of the King of this same suit of Pentacles.

This man looks out toward the scene outside the arch. We can see various tall buildings located within the walls of the family property. We also see the other members of the family: the son stands with his back toward us, facing his wife who looks beyond him, seeming to ignore their child who is anxiously clinging to her dress with one hand while the other pets one of the family dogs.

In fact, the two dogs here are the only ones who pay any attention to the old man within. Although in theory it is he who commands authority as head of household, in practice it seems almost as if he has been forgotten and ignored by those who depend on him. Each is distracted, caught up in their own individual worries and concerns.

Ten of Pentacles Interpretation

When this card comes up in a reading, it often indicates the opportunity for achieving material success, wealth and abundance. It can refer to financial prosperity and good fortune in one’s work, business or career. It can indicate the coming to fruition of our plans and goals, where we finally receive the rewards of our previous efforts and hard work.

The 10 of Pentacles can also indicate stability and security, of having a solid foundation upon which to stand. It can refer to a stable and ordered family life, where each individual has a unique role to play which contributes to the greater overall cohesiveness and functioning of the family unit.

However, unlike the joyful, loving family seen in the 10 of Cups card, the one portrayed here seems to be less emotionally engaged and fulfilled. Although perhaps cohesive as a social unit and capable of meeting the material needs of all members, they seem to lack the emotional intimacy and mutual appreciation that is so clearly evident in the 10 of Cups. 

While the potential exists here, no one seems to pause long enough from their concern on mundane matters to recognize it.

Indeed, this reveals another meaning this card can convey in a reading, that of an excessive focus on the material world, where financial matters and physical possessions are prioritized over connections with other people.

Even though these are people who seem to “have it all,” it appears they have lost their ability to appreciate the magic inherent in the natural world around them. While their blessings are many, they seem to have fallen into the trap of allowing stability to become boredom with what one has.