Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I book a reading?

You can purchase both tarot and astrology readings here. You will receive an email within 24 hours with scheduling information and availability.

How does the online consultation work?

All online consultations are typically done via Zoom (although they can be done over the phone or Whatsapp by request). 

After scheduling a time for your consultation, you will receive an invitation to join the meeting with all the relevant information included. At the time of the meeting, log on to Zoom using the provided information and I will let you into the meeting.

For phone calls/Whatsapp, I will call you at the number you provided at the time of the meeting.

What kind of question can I ask during a tarot reading?

“Love and work; work and love. That’s all there is.” – Sigmund Freud

I’ve found it to be true as well in my consultations with clients that most people are mainly concerned with these two things, love and work. 

However, you can ask about anything you would like, including but not limited to: personal development, spiritual growth, shadow work, etc.

What kind of answers will I get from a tarot reading?

In a typical reading with me, I will first give you a general overview of where you’re at when it comes to the situation you are in, including the recent past and a possible future. We’ll then move on to more action-oriented guidance with advice that will help you make a decision for how to move forward and the likely outcome that may result.

The tarot cards show the prevailing energies at play and provide a general picture of what is expected. I cannot provide precise or detailed information such as dates, times or names of the parties involved simply because the cards do not provide access to that kind of information.