“Supposing that Truth is a woman–what then?” Nietzsche asks us to consider the possibility (in his preface to Beyond Good and Evil) that “all philosophers … have failed to understand women,” and by extension, the Truth that she represents. Maybe a feminine conception of truth will be opposed to the dogmatism of western philosophical history.Continue reading

From ‘The Laugh of the Medusa’

“And why don’t you write? Write! Writing is for you, you are for you; your body is yours, take it. I know why you haven’t written. (And why I didn’t write before the age of twenty-seven.) Because writing is at once too high, too great for you, it’s reserved for the great-that is for “greatContinue reading “From ‘The Laugh of the Medusa’”

The Name of the Rose

When I was 23 years old, I took a walk by the river near my father’s house on an early summer day. While walking behind our neighbor’s yards, my eyes fell on a single red rose, the only one of its kind behind the fence. Stunned by its singular beauty, I stopped for a onlyContinue reading “The Name of the Rose”

a small confession

My eyes are often open, but it is rare that they see. This morning, I saw fear. I thought I didn’t know fear, that I somehow lived bravely. The outcomes in my experience weren’t consistent with that analysis, but I brushed it off. I’m not afraid, it was just that simple. But maybe I couldn’tContinue reading “a small confession”

I finally got around to starting Ursula K. Le Guin’s science fiction novel, The Left Hand of Darkness (find it here as a PDF). I’ve been wanting to read it since a professor of mine mentioned it in a class a year or two ago. So far I’m only into the first few pages of the novel,Continue reading

St. Teresa de Avila, “The Interior Castle”

  One of Teresa’s confessors, Fray Diego, wrote that God revealed to her: “…a most beautiful crystal globe, made in the shape of a castle, and containing seven mansions, in the seventh and innermost of which was the King of Glory, in the greatest splendour, illumining and beautifying them all. The nearer one got toContinue reading “St. Teresa de Avila, “The Interior Castle””

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